Papua New Guinea

The Konkua Okipa Coffee Coop consist of 137 small farm producers improving coffee quality through organic growing practices and diversity of crops in order to raise the standard of living withing the members' communities. 


Luna Cafe and Coffee is proud to represent and partner with these farmers and families to provide the best of specialty coffee to our customers. 

Papua New Guinea

Roast Profile
  • Single Origin

    • Farm(s): About 137 smallholder farmer members of the Konkua Okipa Coffee Cooperative

    • Region: Konkua and Okipa villages, Kainantu district; Arau and Umisuange villages, Obura district

    • Process: Wet-Hulled

    • Variety: Typica, Arusha, Mundo Novo

    • Elevation: 1400–1800 masl

  • On the Tongue

    Clean with tart and sweet notes of green apple and lime 

  • Roast Suggestion

    We prefer a medium roast to bring the balance between the tart and sweet notes in this Papua New Guinea

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