Ethiopian Limu

We're excited to partner with the Tega & Tula Specialty Coffee Farm that offers some of the most notable certified organic coffee. They produce a number of varietals and offer both washed and natural processes.

Ethiopian Limu

Roast Profile
  • Single Origin Details

    • Farm: Tega and Tula Specialty Coffee Farm

    • Region: Tega and Tula Villages, Bonga, Gibo Keffa

    • Process: Washed

    • Variety: Wild Keffa forest coffee, 74110, 74112, 74140, 75227, 7454, 74165

    • Elevation: 1693–1860 MASL

  • On the Tongue

    A long sweet aftertast preceded by raspberry, caramel and a strong tart acidity. 

  • Roast Suggestion

    We love this Ethiopian (and most others) as a light roast.

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